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It is stay off the Internet because everything you read is BS Day

This blog will be 10 years old this year, and I used to look forward to April 1st. each year when I could attempt to write some bogus article that would entertain and maybe amuse my readers.

A good “All Fools” story will suck you in at first, and you believe what you are reading. Then as the story becomes more and more bizarre, you start to ask yourself, “What is this?” Then you realize the date is April 1st. and you chuckle because you get the joke. You’ve been had.

However, a joke is not funny if you already know the punch line. I wrote my last April Fools piece four years ago in 2011. When I started to blog in 2005 there were only a few million of them, now there are gazillions. (Or whatever the biggest number is.)

Everyone and his brother is now doing April Fools articles, even the major Newspapers, so we all know the punchline. For me it has become a huge bore, or snore.

I just read where the guy who invented the “Pet Rock” died. He sold millions of them at $3.75 each, because it was funny at the time. Actually quite brilliant. It stopped being funny when every household had a pet rock. (That is a real story, it broke yesterday March 31st.)

Do you remember “Billy Bass” the singing fish? That was funny for about two weeks before it became extremely annoying. For me April 1st. has become the Billy Bass day on the Internet. A day to stay off the World Wide Web, because I know chances are everything I read will be bogus.

So what to do today? You could go back and read my early April 1st. posts, they are all together here in one place. I suggest you scroll to the bottom because I feel my first one in 2007 was the best, and it was gradually downhill from there. In 2011 I decided to stop adding to the shit pile.


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Reader Comments (2)

I tend to only notice April Fools jokes on the internut these days. Those people that aren't addicted to the same social-media teat others are suckling off tend to just carry on with their everyday routine and aren't distracted by the occasion.

Maybe it's one Western culture social tradition that Hallmark didn't manage to make their own. The Mark Zuckerberg/Steve Jobs generation got it instead over the last decade.

April 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterHappyHumber

I must say April 1st pretty much came and went unnoticed for me. Nobody did any April fool where I was. Where's people's sense of imagination and fun gone? I was thinking. Or maybe I've just been mixing in the wrong circles!

April 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMaria
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