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West Coast Tour 2015

It was exactly a year ago today, October 17th. 2015, I finished my West Coast Tour. How time flies, so hard to believe it’s a year ago already. My wife Kathy and I had flown into Portland, Oregon almost three weeks earlier, the drove down the West Coast.

We made stops in Eugene, OR, Benicia, and San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then on to San Luis Obispo, and Chino Hills and Laguna Beach in the LA, Orange County area. We stayed at homes of DM Bike enthusiasts, and I spoke to groups of people at various venues on the way.

It was a wonderful series of events, and we met some incredible people, it was one of those special experiences that stay with me forever.

I have a number of West Coast Tour tee shirts left over and to mark the occasion I will give one of these away FREE when you buy one other shirt or sweatshirt. I have only a limited number in XL and XXL sizes, but plenty of the other sizes S, M, and L.

If you already have one, you can always use another, especially if it’s free. You might like one to frame and keep as a souvenir. In fact if you want it for this purpose, ask for a Small size as they fit in a frame easier. The shirts are all top quality and screen printed, not digitally printed or heat transfer printed as many shirts are today. The print will outlast the shirt.

Above is the West Coast Tour shirt. Bright white 100% cotton. Screen Printed in five colors that really pop. Features the Fuso logo and those of the other dave moulton brands. Normally $15.00, Free when you buy at least one other shirt from below. Don’t order the WCT shirt or you will be charged for it, but rather put “FREE WCT Shirt” along with the size you would like, in the space for a note on the Check-out page.

DM Braze Tee Shirt. Reduced to $15.00 and it will qualify you for a FREE West Coast Tour Shirt. It comes in the colors shown below, although I don't have every size in every color. The order page on my onlne store will indecate what is available.

(Below.) My New "Classic" design. $20.00 Qualifies for a fee WCT shirt. Comes in Black, Navy and Red. A great gift for any Vintage Bike Enthusiast. 

Below is my "Retirement" design, $20.00 add a FREE WCT shirt. Comes in black.

A really superb quality Black Fleecy Lined Hoodie with a tie neck. $40.00 Qualifies for a FREE WCT shirt and FREE Shipping.

Has a large design on the back featuring the FUSO, John Howard, Recherche, all the dave moulton brands.

A smaller shield design is featured on the front left side. 


Hoodie back design is shown above. The front design is shown left.

Orders over $40.00 qualify for FREE Shipping.

Start your Christmas shopping early, Remember I have Books too. 

Go here to view all the products.







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Reader Comments (2)

Ever the gentleman. Even when pushing merch you make the post classy.

October 17, 2016 | Unregistered Commenteredstainless

Hi, Dave. I am sure you are aware of this...
Fanciful? Practical? Farcical?

October 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterChuck Boyd

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