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I am having computer problems

Over a week ago my hard drive failed on my PC and I have been trying since to restore my files that were backed up on online.

The restore kept failing, or so I thought. My latest attempt started last Friday afternoon and the restore process ran for over 48 hours until Sunday evening when I decided it was not working again and I canceled the restore.

This was stupid, stupid, stupid, on my part because it appears the "Cancellation" process may take another 48 hours, proving that it was working, but that it is an extremely long process.

But no one told me that because the tech guys are all "Off Shore" and they don't communicate too well, so I am having to learn myself, the hard way.

When the "Cancellation" process is done, (There is not way I can reverse it, apparently.) I will then be at the point I started. All very frustrating.

The posts I made last week, I did on my old computer, but as I only have one Internet connection, I can only run one at a time. I am posting this on a friend's PC, and setting it to auto-post Monday morning, as I know people will be expecting to hear from me..

Anyway, this too will pass, eventually, and I can get back to my normal bi-weekly posts, so just bear with me and check back later.

In the mean time I just need to let the restore process run its course, and I'll probably go ride my bike while it is doing its thing.


Update: After multiple attempts I finally retrieved my files on Thursday, 19th. November


Reader Comments (2)

You can get a HP Windows Home Server now from http://www.newegg.com for a reasonable price. The 47x, 48x and 49x series are the generations going from least to most expensive respectively. I dropped 2T of drive space and 2M of RAM in mine for $329. It backs up all Windows systems and Macs on your network (48x and 49x series for Macs). If you want double protection you can upload to Amazon s2 services for a monthly fee. You can connect as many drives as you want and duplicate folders across the drives without having to configure RAID. Some say it's a glorified NAS, but once you start digging into the system you find it is way better. If you feel froggy you could even host your blog from it as it supports Wordpress.

November 16, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterspokejunky

If its any consolation, mine crashed too last to last week. Fujitsu harddrive on my HP laptop. 3 months old. Everything in it gone, so got a free one from HP. If I've learnt one thing from the experience, backup timely, and don't throw your machine around as if its your bedtime pillow.

November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRon
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