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Happy Birthday Dear Bike Blog

Dave’s Bike Blog is one year old today, how time flies when you are having fun.

I have posted 45 blogs; that’s a little under one a week for the year. I started out slow, averaging only two or three new posts a month to begin with, but in recent months that has increased to as many as six to eight a month.

One of the reasons for the slow beginning; when I started I had three blogs going, which proved to be hard to keep up. As the Bike Blog seemed to have the most support, I dropped the other two and kept this one.

I have come to realize that in order for a blog to be successful and have a following the blogger needs to post something new on a regular basis, and try to keep it interesting. That can be a challenge.

My writings are of course aimed at the bike enthusiast, but I try to write in a way that a person outside the sport would find the piece interesting, informative and entertaining. So if you ever feel that I am “dumbing down” an article remember that there are some out there who are new to this wonderful pastime of ours.

I have always believed in writing in simple, uncomplicated terms anyway; some people can get way too technical about bicycles. The bicycle is one of the simplest and yet most efficient machines ever invented; you push one pedal down, and the other comes up. How can you get over technical on such a simple machine?

Why do I blog? Several reasons. Writing is what I do now and just as building a lot of bicycle frames improved my skill as a framebuilder; a writer needs to write on a regular basis.

This blog allows me to post random thoughts and other writings without cluttering up my website; although I will admit my website gets neglected at times because of time spent writing blogs, when it too needs updating regularly.

Earlier this year I added advertisements to the blog, but removed them after only a week or two. The reason; I realized we are all bombarded with too much advertising and I did not need to be cluttering up my blog with more junk.

This blog is of course a form of self-promotion, to make others aware of my current creative endeavors. There is no point in creating anything if no one knows about it

When I came to the US in 1979 I was an unknown framebuilder. Even though I had a solid reputation in my native England; I was relatively unknown in America. The way I became known was by articles in various magazines like Bicycling and Velo-News, and after that it was steady word of mouth.

Now I am a relatively unknown writer with a novel called Prodigal Child; it too sells largely by word of mouth. This blog is a two way street; if I can manage to inform, entertain, and occasionally amuse you with my writings, hopefully you will become a regular reader and tell others of this blog and thereby perpetuate the word of mouth thing.

I appreciate and encourage your participation by way of comments and suggestions. Some of you don’t want the hassle of signing up with Blogger to post a comment, but you can always go to my profile page where you will find my email and contact me directly if you have a specific question or suggestion for a blog.

Sometimes I am swamped with emails and it takes me a while to answer them all, but I am not at the point yet where I cannot handle the personal contact. When it gets to that point it will be nice to have a wider audience for my writings, but for now I like the way it is; I feel I have a small but very elite following.

But then bike riders are, for the most part, an elite bunch anyway.

Reader Comments (6)

Congratulations Dave. I have very much enjoyed the year reading your blog. I don't think there have been many days that I have missed stopping by to see what's happening.

I was very happy to read that you began riding again as well. As somebody who has devoted a life to cycling myself, I couldn't imagine somebody with your history with bikes not riding. Although I certainly can understand the burnout after so many years.

Let's hope that the great posts keep coming and the miles continue to roll away.

Congratulations again.
November 12, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter Tim Jackson- Masi Guy
Happy Birthday to your blog and a hearty "Thank you" Dave.
From useful tips to funny anecdotes, unpublished (until now) short stories to reminders of bicycling's heritage, your blog is animated and varied, and a reflection of the many cyclists I have met in my life.
And it's a life I live with passion.
Thanks for sharing it.
November 12, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter VintageSpin
Elitist? Sure. Informative and valuable to a tiny demographic segment of society? Absolutely. Yours is a boutique blog, in a way.

But that's a good thing in this age of lowest-common-denominator mass-media rumor milling.

It has become one of my thousand missions to send as many friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers to your blog as possible -- noticed an upsurge in readers from, for example? My doing.

You -- and your blog -- deserve it. And I'm hoping the added traffic might help encourage you to blog even more often! [busy, I know - sorry about that]
November 13, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter HRlaughed
Mr. Moulton,

I enjoy reading your blog and glad I found it. If you don't mind, I'll drop by from time to time and read what's new.

November 13, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter flogingcaulkenballz
Happy Birthday to you and keep up the great work, Dave.
November 13, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter Fritz
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December 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commenter jonnyspace
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